Making a top-of-the-year list that pleases everyone is never easy – some of you are still bitter that Tha Carter IV didn’t make our top 25 final cut. But LA Weekly’s West Coast Sound decided to make its job all the more difficult by listing the top 20 musicians of all time. While we can’t really attest to the validity of the entire list, we can say without a doubt that Biggie’s spot on the ranking is well deserved, even if he is the only Hip Hop artist to make the cut.

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Just when you thought beef couldn’t get any softer, Drake and Common had to go and get into a cat fight. Yeah, Lonnie may have bodied Ice Cube way back when with “The Bitch in You,” but it’s kind of hard to take the guy that starred in Just Wright seriously for getting mad at Wheelchair Jimmy from “Degrassi” for singing. And while a lot of people are waiting with baited breath for the next verbal pillow fight between the two, ego trip is hoping for different things. Using John Lennon’s “Imagine,” ego trip decided to cut together a slideshow to remind Common and Drake of all the good times they could share together instead of fighting.

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Australia: home to kangaroos and the racist half of Lethal Weapon, but Hip Hop? Not exactly. But while the land Down Under wasn’t particularly kind to Talib Kweli and Snoop Dogg in the past, that doesn’t mean Aussies are looking to break into the Hip Hop world. Meet Iggy Azalea, the blonde-haired femcee that’s been making waves Stateside with her tape Ignorant Art. And that’s not all: it seems like VIBE got the scoop on her romantic relationship with Harlem’s A$AP Rocky.

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