In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, singer-songwriter Bruno Mars discussed what it was like to be nominated with some of music’s most notable acts.

“It’s so cool, man. It’s so surreal. Especially when you’re in categories with artists like Kanye and Adele, who I really look up to and who I’m a genuine fan of. Got every Kanye West album.”

“I love Adele,” he revealed. “What she’s doing is amazing for music, it’s amazing for the music business, she’s selling records when everyone was told records weren’t selling anymore. Adele’s selling records. Kanye’s selling records. It’s quality control.”

Mars was also asked for his opinion on Amy Winehouse. “I was really hurt by that whole story. I really felt like I was gonna have an opportunity to meet her. …When her album came out, she did it. She took what she liked and made it her own.”

The discussion about Amy Winehouse’s addiction led to questions about Mars’ own issues, which culminated in an arrest in 2010 for cocaine possession. “I don’t live my life with regrets. I don’t dwell on anything. It happened; it must’ve happened for a reason. …I think it’s something that I moved past and I’m hoping everyone else that I come across will move past it sure.”

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