The year 2012 is starting off with a bit of déjà vu for Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco. According to Lupe he’s yet again waiting on Atlantic Records when it comes to the release of his next studio album, Food & Liquor II.

“The Lupe [Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II] album is [coming out] hopefully. It’s not on me,” Lupe Fiasco explained to AOL’s The Boombox. “It’s not done yet. I’m waiting on my record company, ain’t nothing changed. Same business, it’s on them.”

Lupe was in the same predicament last year when his label constantly delayed the release of Lasers which was eventually released in March 2011. A petition was even released by fans demanding that Atlantic Records release the album.

While the rapper waits for Atlantic Records to give the go ahead for Food & Liquor II, Lupe revealed that he plans on doing a bit of touring prior to the release of the album.

“We got a big tour coming up in Australia in April, and we got a couple things sprinkled through the top part of the year,” said Lupe. “Nothing real crazy, we’re going to wait until the album drops to really go hard.”

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