Upon the release of In None We Trust, Crooked I also took time out to talk about his competitive nature, how competition is different when competing with Slaughterhouse members and why he remains loyal to C.O.B. affiliates. In a DubCNN interview, Crooked also talked about his new single “Game Time” and more. 

There are two ways of competing that I’ve learned,” Crooked shared when speaking on competition within Slaughterhouse. “I compete with Slaugherhouse in a form that’s very friendly. I just don’t want to get my head handed to me on a platter on a song (laughs). So I make sure that I bring my A game. But when I’m leaving the studio, I don’t feel like I was really competing with them, I just feel like we were making great music. But we absolutely compete with people outside of the circle and that level of competition is, ‘We wanna be the best.’ If we gotta step on you and squash you into the ground like a bug – lyrically – we wanna do that and show the world what dope emcees with bars are supposed to sound like. So yeah, that’s what it is. But yeah, it’s very competitive, those dudes are monsters! That’s why they call us the four-headed monster.” 

Aside from his loyalty to Slaughterhouse, Crook also has loyalty for his C.O.B. partners. In the interview, Crooked also talked about his work with them and why he remains true to his crew. 

“I’m going to ride with them, period,” he said of his C.O.B. crew. “I’m gonna put them in the forefront right with me. I love it, we do all kinds of things together. The other day we all went to the bowling alley together just to have C.O.B. bowling, you know what I’m saying? That’s what we do and watching the C.O.B. cypher, I just hope that the people who saw it will truly understand that we are about to bring a movement from the West Coast that’s probably only going to be in comparison to the Dogg Pound in the 90s.” 

The C.O.B. brand has grown a bit since the release of his latest project, one that also features his new single, “Game Time.” Crook discussed the new single, explaining his thought process while making the track. 

“When I made ‘Game Time,’ I just felt like, ‘You know what? It’s time.’ [Eminem] is giving us a humongous opportunity with Slaughterhouse. People are getting C.O.B. tattoos across the country, fans, all Twitpicing me the C.O.B. tattoos and all that. It’s game time! Press reset on everything that you’ve ever done. Whatever you’ve done in your life, anything that you’ve done, ups, downs – it’s in the past. Just look forward, put your game face on, it’s time to go!”

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