Yesterday, poet Maya Angelou expressed regret over appearing on Common’s “The Dreamer” after learning that he used the N-word on the cut. During an interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez, he said that he spoke with Angelou and that they agreed to disagree, but that there is no bad blood.

“I talked to her this morning and I talked to her before. She’s like a mother to me in many ways. She definitely doesn’t like the N-word, but I expressed to her before that I used it so we were able to agree to disagree,” he said. “She’s enthused to be on the album, she feels grateful to be on the album. I’m super grateful to have her on the album.”

Martinez said that he must have had to humble himself in the situation. He said that he did, but that he accepts her criticism and that she is going to make a statement on her prior comments.

“You just gotta take it. But that’s like my mother, but I got nothing but love. She’s actually supposed to make a statement today, letting people know,” he continued, “It’s a great thing, because she knows that sometimes, writers coming from different angles can separate good people. And it’s like, nah, that ain’t happening. We ain’t gonna let you separate us.”

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