Ryan Yex, a teenager from Ohio credits DX Next artist MGK with inspiring him to walk for the first time. The teen, born with cerebral palsy, never walked before Saturday night’s MGK concert, where he was able to take his first steps on stage. 

The two met over the summer and “connected from there,” according to Yex. He then promised MGK that he’d be able to walk at one of his shows after having physical therapy sessions. The both were able to reconnect and make that happen during a recent Machine Gun Kelly concert.

“I had so much adrenaline going through my body. I was just ready to walk,” Yex said in an interview with FOX 8 in Cleveland.

Yex was on stage, microphone in hand, saying he was ready to walk. With no one holding him up, Yex was able to take steps toward Kelly. Kelly then picked up in celebration of the moment. 

“If you look in the video, there’s a good three, four seconds with no one holding him. He took steps. That’s just insane, man,” Machine Gun recounted.

“We get a lot of negative attention sometimes. But I see the beauty behind the movement. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is amazing,'” he continued.  “He’s looking up to me but I’m looking up to him. I feel this small beside him. In my opinion, he reignited the flame to everything I stand for,” added MGK.

The admiration is mutual.

“He’s a crazy inspiration. I know where he’s coming from, what he’s been through,” Yex added. “I know that you can come from nothing, and follow your dreams.”

A video of the news story can be found at FOX 8‘s website

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