While Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy may be known for being one of the more aggressive rappers out he did take some time recently to speak on a few less aggressive topics with NecoleBitchie.com including love and relationships as well as the trend of Hip Hop sounding more emotional.

When asked about artists like Drake releasing much softer, emotional Hip Hop songs Jeezy gave his thoughts on what exactly makes a song emotional.

“Hip Hop has always been emotional,” Jeezy explained. “I feel like with me, a lot of my stuff comes across as rough. I speak from stress, I speak from pain, anxiety and so my music comes out real aggressive. But that’s because that’s the emotion I’m sharing. But I’ve always thought my music was emo, I just choose aggressive tracks. But aggressive times cause for aggressive measures. You can try to finesse it but the emotion has always been there, so I think what’s happening now is artists are choosing more finessing tracks. There’s still the same amount of emotion – they may be talking about other things – but what you’re really hearing are softer tracks.”

Later in the interview Jeezy spoke on marriage and love explaining that he has no plans on marriage in the immediate future and that he’s more concered with his music. He also revealed that he thought he was in love once or twice but was instead misled into believing he was. 

“It would take a lot. I was put here for a reason. It’s not like I get up and practice how to be Jeezy. I really live this life. And my career, my music, the game, that is my life,” said Jeezy when asked about marriage. “And for me to get married, I’d have to find somebody to ride with me. That takes a lot of balance. This is 24/8. I’m in the studio, or gone a lot. And not to mention that chicks dig me, so it’s hard to find that trust. More importantly, it’s hard to deal with somebody who’s already in love with something else.”

“I had a female or two that I thought was down, but over time things change – you start to see the real person and their real motives. So no, I wouldn’t call it love. I thought it was at the time, but I was wrong.”

Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 will be released on Tuesday, December 20th.

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