Juice Crew veteran Masta Ace introduced his M3 label’s newest act, The Bundies, during The Syndicate’s CMJ kick-off party, Conflict Of Interest, held at New York City’s, Rebel NYC. Comprised of members Pav Bundie and Super Bundie, The Bundies showcased music from their still untitled debut project. “This is going to be our official release,” said Pav in an interview with HipHopDX.

“To my knowledge, it’s going to be free online – a free download that everyone can go get. The main thing we want to do right now is get the music out to the masses and make them aware that we exist. It’s not about the money and shit, right now. It’s about getting the word out and getting the sound out.”

Originally from The Bronx, Pav first met Masta Ace when the two crossed paths while working on separate projects in the same studio. “[He] was just doing beats,” Ace recalls. “He was trying to get on by doing beats. He was shopping his beats everywhere. He was trying to rap but that wasn’t really what he was good at.”



Though rhyming wasn’t the right fit, Pav shifted direction and began honing a Pop/R&B fusion that would become the basis of the duo’s eclectic sound. “He started experimenting and then they came up with the idea on having a girl [in the group],” says Ace. “So they interviewed all these typical slim, shapely, pretty girls with the whole package, but none of them was really bringing it.” Since [Super Bundie] was already demoing the songs, a mutual associate suggested they end the search and that the two team up to form The Bundies.

The Bundies boast an Electro-dance, soulful sound inspired by genre-pushing artists will.i.am, Cee-Lo, Missy Elliot, and Steely Dan. The pair has been working together since 2007 and appeared on Masta Ace and Edo. G’s 2009 album, Arts & Entertainment. “When we first put our sound together, it was something that we’d never heard before,” Pav says.

“We’re equally eclectic,” Super says. “We’re equally unique and we just came together.”



Masta Ace is arguably most excited about his label’s newest act. “This is like the future of M3,” says the Brooklyn lyricist.

“This is really the first group that we’re coming out with that really has a legitimate chance to be commercially viable, commercially acceptable and be on the radio and be on the American Music Awards and the The Grammy’s. We feel like with the right machine behind them, they can be that kind of group.”

Previously, M3 has released projects from Masta Ace as well as his group EMC with Punch & Words, as well as Strick.

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