Just weeks after releasing the song “Catch Me If You Can,” the Las Vegas Metro Police Department did just that. Early on Saturday morning (May 24th), police apprehended Ras after they pulled over a vehicle he was a passenger in.

“From my understanding, (the driver) was driving kinda crazy and so they just got knocked like that,” said Scipio, a close friend of Ras. “You can’t do shit in Vegas, it was just the homie was drivin’ way out. It’s crucial when you’re on the run from the law, any little thing as you can clearly see can happen to fuck up the whole thing.”

In addition to “The Re-Up” (scheduled to drop later this summer), Ras was in the midst of releasing the “Catch Me If You Can” CD and DVD set through some exclusive distribution. For the time being, that is on hold as Priority has threatened a lawsuit. Ras’ management says that he will be released from Priority shortly though. Ras will head back to Los Angeles to appear in court.