On Thursday, November 17, Heavy D’s supporters attended an open memorial service for the emcee in Mount Vernon, New York. On this day, Heavy D’s brother spoke with MTV about his brother’s health, positivity and legacy. 
While initial autopsy results have returned inconclusive, Floyd Myers noted that he did not see any reason for alarm when he spoke to him before his tragic passing. 

“Heavy was in great shape,” Floyd Myers, Heavy D’s brother said. “You guys seen him at the BET Awards, and he just did the tribute to Michael Jackson; they flew him out to London to do that. Heav was in good shape, healthy, no heart problems. He constantly made sure that his health was in check.”

Myers also spoke on Heavy D’s positive love for his fans and family. 

“He loved his daughter. He put his career on hold so he could be there as a father…He loved family, and that’s who he was, but it wasn’t too much different from how he treated his friends and his fans,” he added. “He showed everybody love and affection, and we’re gonna miss that.”

That same positive energy seems to be what many remember him for. According to his brother, this was always the plan. 

“I didn’t realize how he built his legacy and how it stands today because of the things that he has done and has not done over the years,” Myers noted. “There was just certain things that Heav just wouldn’t do, and we used to riff at him. We used to be like, ‘Yo, that’s a lot of money you turning down,’ but it wasn’t the right thing to do. Maybe if he would’ve did those things, his legacy would have not been sealed the way it is today.”

The video interview can be seen below. 

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