Although he has plans to “Act A Fool” in his role in the sequel to the Fast and Furious Ludacris is going to be busier than ever with his new plans. Ludacris is throwing his name into the hat of fashion designers with his own clothing line called C.P. Times. Ludacris told Launch media, “You know you always hear C.P. Time, people say ‘colored people time’. In this sense, I mean everyone of color, even white is color you know what I mean? It’s kinda of like a clothing line trying to just end racial discrimination.”

Ludacris hopes his clothing line will make a difference in ending racial discrimination. How much of a difference, who knows? “We are not naïve enough to just think that we can stop it altogether, but I think you know we can make a difference. That‘s what this clothing line is all about. It will be great urban gear and I’m just here to sell it,” he said. You can check Ludacris out on the big screen in Fast and the Furious 2 opening nationwide on June 6th.