Red Bull Music Academy continued its interview lineup, this week with MF DOOM.

Among the subjects broached was DOOM’s recording process. “What I usually do when I’m producing a record, I come up with a beat first, and then the beat’ll inspire the lyrics,” explained DOOM.

In the interview, DOOM was asked to provide a background for his character. 

“[DOOM’s] more of the old school, O.G., old-timer villain” said DOOM. “He’s a typical villain you have in any story where a lot of people misunderstand him, but he got a heart of gold. He’s for the children. It’s like a Robin Hood kind of character. Loved by the people, but the powers that be may not really get along with how he get done.”

DOOM was also asked to describe another one of his alter-egos, Viktor Vaughn. “Vik is like similar, but younger. Like eighteen or nineteen, young whippersnapper that think he [knows what’s going on]. A lot of times he disagree with DOOM, but he still with DOOM.”

DOOM also revealed that he prefers the approach of dropping as many records on various labels with one-off deals because it allows him to put out as much music as possible.

Watch the interview below:

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