It’s not everyday you get co-signs from some of the industry’s most popular rappers. After releasing his first single this year, “Purple Swag,” newcomer ASAP Rocky has even managed to land on Drake’s Club Paradise Tour. He explained to VladTV how his participation in the jaunt got started.

“It came about because [Drake] added me to the tour. He said he was a fan of the music and he reached out to me and now we goin’ on tour.”

While his music utilizes the southern sound, he says he’s influence by a range of artists.

“As far as music, [I listen to] everybody. I’m inspired by everybody. From your Kid Cudis to your Ol’ Dirty Bastards, I’m inspired by everybody. I really appreciate everybody. I listen. I like music, I’m a music lover so it comes easy for me to admire artists.”

The young rapper’s digital mixtape Live.Love.A$AP dropped on Halloween.