This morning (October 25) rapper/actor/author 50 Cent briefly appeared on NBC’s The Today Show. The Queens, New York Rap superstar spoke about his new book, Playground, a novel for teens on bullying. Asked why teens may take an interest in the issue, the G-Unit Records CEO stated, “When I present something, it’s a little different,” stressing that younger readers may pay attention.

Also a father, 50 Cent explained with his speckled past, including arrests and shootings, why he would feel so inclined to speak about an issue like bullying. “Because my son is 15 years old, right now, it’s a relevant issue for me.” Fif continued, noting that even as an adolescent, he was more of a bully than a victim. “I had more experiences where I was part of the problem. To now have an adult’s [perspective], I can [look back] and say ‘that’s wrong.'”

Playground by 50 Cent and Lizzie Akana releases November 1 on Razorbill Books.

Watch the interview below.