Am I the only one who forgot about Weird Al Yankovic? The man who has parodied artists such as Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Coolio, will not add Eminem to that list. Weird Al sought Eminem’s permission to parody his Oscar-winning smash “Lose Yourself.”

Eminem gave Al permission to make a parody of the song, but would not grant him permission to make a video for it (and what is a Weird Al song without the video?). “It’s just very disappointing for me obviously because it was going to be an amazing video,” he said. This was actually the first time in his 20 year career that he has been denied.

In reference to why Em denied the video, he said, “It would somehow detract from his legacy or make him seem like a less serious hip-hop artist, I’m not sure.” Apparently, Nelly also gave Weird Al permission to use one of his songs. A video though? I thought his video’s were already a parody.