Back when Rawkus Records was setting the trends and releasing nothing but classics, the legendary Lyricist Lounge open mic in NYC materialized into a classic double album from Rawkus. The brilliant showcase of underground talents such as Mos Def, Ras Kass, Reflection Eternal and Last Emporer his since sold 150,000 units.

Rawkus followed that up in 2000 with the decidedly more commercial “Lyricist Lounge 2,” which received plenty of exposure via the hit single “Oh No” with Pharoahe Monch, Mos Def and Nate Dogg. The latest version is dubbed “West Coast Lyricist Lounge” and will hit the streets on May 20th. Check the tracklisting:

1. Furious – Let’s Make Moves

2. Zion I feat. Pep Love – Warriors Dance

3. Chino XL feat. Saafir – Hot It Goes

4. Arcee feat. Encore – Super Educated Pt.2

5. The Grouch – Let’s Rally

6. Groundbasics – Ventalation

7. Motion Man feat. KutMasta Kurt – Megalo Maniac

8. Ammbush feat. A-Plus & Zion I – The Buzz

9. Blackfoot – Blackfoot Allstars

10. Felonious – Plasticmen

11. Mystik Journeymen feat. Luckyiam.PSC – Lucky’s Back!

12. King T feat. Kool G Rap & Tray D – Nuthin Has Changed

13. Shade Sheist feat. Fabolous & Knoc-Turn’al

14. Rasco feat. KutMasta Kurt – Ready 2 Rock w/ Us

15. D Tension feat. Encore – It’s Time

16. The Cuf – Don’t Stop

17. Mr. Fab – The Biz