Kanye West gave a signature rant at the end of his performance at U.K.’s The Big Chill Festival, explaining that people look at him like “I’m fucking insane, like I’m Hitler.” During the speech, he explained that one day, listeners will wake up and pay him the respect that he’s rightfully due.

“People look at me like I’m fucking insane, like I’m Hitler. But one day, one day a light will shine through. And one day people will understand everything I ever did, ever said, […] for the sake of someone else,” he said. “For the sake of people. For the sake of New Orleans, for the sake of honest music, for the sake of honest judgment.”

At the beginning of his diatribe, he said that his music career is about acting out his teenage dreams in making quality music to change the world.

“This is about inspiration, this is about dreams. All the money I had when I was in high school, I put it back into working on music,” he said. “My dream was to be able to do this one day. So even to this day, everything I have, I put back into this. ‘Cause you can’t keep that when you’re gone, but your legacy will live on. And one day, one day your light will shine through. One day, the mask will be revealed and you’ll see the truth is coming from the people that the powers that be tried to kill.”

Watch the clip below.



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