DJ Drama has helmed mixtapes to remember as part of his Gangsta Grillz series, but a few big collaborations never saw the light of day. Speaking with Sermon’s Domain, Mr. Thanksgiving recalled working with G-Unit and The-Dream on a few mixtapes that never surfaced.

“The G-Unit one was just one of those situations where they were busy and I’m a busy person. It was a conversation that Fif and I had trying to put it in motion. It wasn’t able to happen. Plus, Whoo Kid kept stealing all the music and leaking it,” he laughed. “The-Dream tape. What happened with that? I’m trying to remember. I think Dream’s album was about to come out and it was too close to the album date. To be honest, I really don’t remember. It was either that or a decision by the label. Dream is still the homie, though.”

He also spoke on mixtapes that never happened, including a full-length collaboration between Drake and Gucci Mane. “One of the hottest tapes that never happened would’ve been the Drake and Gucci [Mane] tape. The three of us had spoke about it at a period. It was going to be a Drake and Gucci Gangsta Grillz. The two songs that had both of ‘em on it – I think one of them had Killer Mike on it [‘Street Cred’ off Guccimerica] and the other one was Sean Garrett’s ‘In My Business.’ It was around that time period when the tape was supposed to happen.”

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Another tape that never materialized was a collaboration with Drama and Outkast. “They called me, I think before the Idlewild album, and was like we want to do a Gangsta Grillz before the album. Of course, I was like, “definitely.” It didn’t wind up happening. They got kind of busy and it got close to the album. That’s when the guys called me like, “look, we’re not going to be able to do the tape, but we got you on a song for the album.” That’s two big tapes that almost could’ve would’ve should’ve happened.”

Read the full interview at Sermon’s Domain.

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