Death Row CEO and long-time criminal Suge Knight has issued a statement inviting Snoop Dogg hating rapper Jayo Felony to join Death Row. The message was posted on Death Row’s website reading: “Wanted: Jayo Felony to become a Death Row inmate! For showing Snoop that it takes more than a couple rent-a-crisp to be a gangster!”

Jayo is set to appear in the next Death Row release, dissing Snoop for being “dat fake ass dead man walkin. Fake crip shit.”

The album is set to feature a bunch of former Death Row members including Snoop, Tupac, Daz and Kurupt, who no longer roll with them. “[Death Row putting out an album will] probably make both of them sell,” said Daz, in a refreshingly sportsmanlike fashion, “everybody already knows what Death Row does because of what happened with Snoop. I’m just gonna ride off their promotion. [Suge’s] probably gonna put out a bunch of remixes. He ain’t got nothing else. If a bum has a piece of something in the trash, he’s gonna make it last. He messed up and lost a good thing. But for now we got this new D.P.G. album out there.”