Shawty Lo and 50 Cent recently went into partnership with the former’s D4L label and the latter’s G-Unit Records. Speaking with, the former D4L member explained that 50’s offer was one of seven deals on the table, and that after meeting with Fif, the choice was clear.

“When I met with 50, we had the longest meeting I had out of anyone else. We had a seven hour meeting and when I came to meet with 50 Cent he thought he was going to sign an ‘artist deal’, but when listening to all my material, seen all the videos, and how long we had the meeting, he said, ‘I can’t sign this dude to any regular type of deal. He’s a boss,’” he explained. “I guess he felt like I needed to be my own brand and attack G-Unit with it.”

Echoing 50’s earlier statements, Lo will scout for talent in the South and help local artists develop their artistry. “I’m going to be the outlet in the south and everywhere else. A lot of artists had to come when they’re down in the bottom and they had to come to New York or either California to get a deal, then it could it takes months to hear back from anything. I’m going to be the outlet in the south, where they want to go there for.”

As for changing his current operations at D4L, Lo says that he had to hire more staff, but that he’s ready to focus on his artists Stuntman, La Costra Nostra, Zone 6 and Jai-Jai. “G-Unit is a big deal. They told me to play with it, they told me to go recruit artists from everywhere. I’m not just going to sign any artist, it takes more than just rapping; I want to create a movement. I want them to create a movement by themselves.”

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