Rapper X-Raided was detained by prison officials and questioned after videos of him in his prison cell were posted to YouTube.

According to AHH, the MC, whose real name is Anerae Brown, was visiting with his family last weekend when police handcuffed him and interrogated him alongside his cellmate, “Birdie Loc” O’Reilly, about the videos’ origins.

The clips were intended to promote X-Raided’s latest, The Unforgiven Vol. 3: Vindication. Both inmates denied any involvement in filming the videos.

“Nothing nefarious is going on here, on either end. The videos weren’t recorded at High Desert State Prison, regardless of how they’re labeled on YouTube,” said X-Raided. “That was an error on the part of someone on my staff who meant well.  No one at this institution has either helped or allowed me to do anything outside of what any other inmate is allowed to do in accordance with the rules and regulations.”

X-Raided is currently serving a 31-year prison sentence for the 1992 murder of the mother of a rival gang member.

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