NBA star Carmelo Anthony has signed Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper Cassidy to his Krossover Entertainment roster, which also includes up-and-comer Diego Ca$h. Speaking with MTV’s Mixtape Daily, ‘Melo explained that he’s trying to help Cass get his career back on track following his legal troubles over the past year.

“He’s good, man. He’s home. I’m glad he figured it out, got through that situation,” said Anthony. “I’m glad he got that behind him, and now he’s ready to focus on what he needs to focus on — I’m pretty sure getting back into the studio and throwing that under the rug.”

The New York Knick recalls meeting Cassidy three years ago for a feature on Ca$h’s record. “I tried to get him on a track with one of my artists. He actually did the track, and it just took off from there,” he said. “He was available; he was a free agent at the time. He had just came home from jail. He was trying to reinvent himself, and I just thought it was the perfect opportunity at the time to give him new light.”

Cassidy was recently in the news for an arrest stemming from violating his probation, later refuting that it had nothing to do with being a suspect in murder cases.

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