Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats recently spoke with Pitchfork.com to discuss his upcoming projects and weigh in on the attempts made to find Earl Sweatshirt. During the interview, the MellowHype member explained that the duo, also consisting of Left Brain, is working on the follow-up to BlackenedWhite, tentatively titled Numbers.

“Yeah, we’ve been cutting a bunch of songs, and every song sounds so different. On some of the songs, there’s really no structure– or there is a structure, but it’s not like a regular rap song where there’s a 16-bar verse and an eight-bar chorus,” he said. “The sound is really evolving. BlackenedWhite is just for everyone’s ears. Numbers should be the eye-opener.”

He also spoke on recording a solo album titled Damien, which will be entirely produced by Tyler, The Creator. “Yes. It’s called Damien, and I believe it’ll be me rapping over mainly Tyler, the Creator’s beats. I don’t rap on Tyler’s beats a lot, unless it’s for his album. That album will be very ignorant.”

As for the recent attempts to dig deeper into Earl Sweatshirt’s story, Hodgy had some choice words to share with media trying to figure it out. “Fuck everybody. You can suck my dick. If we can’t get in contact with Earl, you definitely can’t. He will come back when he’s ready, if he ever will be ready again. I haven’t spoken to Earl in a while. But everyone that’s digging for no reason, you’re just beating a dead horse. It’s dead.”

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