Ohio native Stalley grew up in Massillon, Ohio, where he got the chance to play against a young LeBron James before he became a huge sports star. Talking with The Score, Stalley recalls his basketball past and sharing the same court as King James.

“Just high school is when I did get a chance to play against him, and he’s one of the best players I ever got to play against,” he said. “He’s actually a real classy guy. He’s not holding up to that reputation as of late, in the NBA, but he’s definitely a good kid and someone I enjoyed playing against in high school. Very competitive. His team was always good.”

Following James’ recent behavior, Stalley says he thinks the criticism is deserved. “He’s not being treated unfairly. He’s being treated accordingly. You gotta live up to the standards that are set for you, and he made a lot of decisions he has to live with. People expect things to be a certain way when you make statements like that.”

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