Over the past year or so Miami rapper Rick Ross has steadily added new artists to his label Maybach Music Group (MMG) with singer Teedra Moses and Ohio rapper Stalley being the latest artists to join the label. In an interview with MTV2, Ross spoke on why exactly he signed MMG’s latest additions.

Referring to Moses as his “Anita Baker” Ross explained that on top of her voice he was also very impressed by the singer’s songwriting skills.

“I been a fan of Teedra Moses since six years ago. She was on TVT and she released an album. And ever since then I just kinda followed her,” Ross explained. “I found out, I got word she was in Miami so I got in touch with her and I wanted to sit down with her because she’s also a great writer. She wrote a lot of records with Raphael Saadiq who I worked with on my last album and I’m a huge fan of his sound. So we sat down and we talked about the possibility of her working and writing R&B records with other R&B artists I know as well as you know what’s her situation. So we made it happen.”

When asked about Stalley, Ross shared that the rapper has a vibe that reminds him of some of Hip Hop’s more classic rappers.

“He’s a dope new emcee to the game and he’s real deep man. He puts me in a space of some of the more classic emcee’s with his message,” said Ross when asked about Stalley. “And when I sat down and I talked to him and I was like ‘What’s some of your dreams?’ He surprised me with a lot of his answers. One of the biggest was once you get empowered, once you get in it what’s one of the first things you gonna do. I love to know your motivation. He told me ‘I’mma buy a farm.’ He said ‘I just want space so I can just [look]’ and I was like ‘that’s dope.’”



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