Kendrick Lamar has announced the release date for his upcoming debut #Section80. The Compton, California native is slated to release his first set on July 2nd.

Earlier this morning, Lamar released the album cut “Ronald Reagan Era” featuring RZA. He previously dropped the track “Hiiiii Power” featuring J. Cole, which is also expected to make the final tracklist.

[June 17]

UPDATE: The West Coast native has revealed the cover art for his debut album, touting a picture depicting a table topped with a marijuana pipe, cash, a gun clip, the Bible, prescription pills and bullets.

[June 25]

UPDATE #2: The tracklisting has been revealed for the album, due July 2nd.

1. Fuck Your Ethnicity (prod. by THC)
2. Hol’ Up (prod. by Sounwave of Digi+Phonics)
3. A.D.H.D. (prod. by Sounwave of Digi+Phonics)
4. No Makeup (Her Vice) featuring Colin Munroe (prod. by Sounwave of Digi+Phonics)
5. Tammy’s Song (Her Evils) (prod. by THC)
6. Chapter Six (prod. by Tommy Black)
7. Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) (prod. by Tae Beast of Digi+Phonics)
8. Poe Man’s Dream (His Vice) featuring GLC (prod. by Willie B of Digi+Phonics)
9. The Spiteful Chant featuring Schoolboy Q (prod. by Sounwave and Dave Free of Digi+Phonics)
10. Chapter Ten (prod. by THC)
11. Keishas Song featuring Astro Bot (prod. by Tae Beast of Digi+Phonics)
12. Rigamortis (prod. by Willie B of Digi+Phonics, co-produced by Sounwave)
13. Kush & Corinthians (His Pain) featuring BJ the Chicago Kid (prod. by Wyldfire)
14. Members Only (prod. by Tommy Black)
15. Ab-Soul’s Outro (prod. by Terrace Martin)
16. HiiiPoWeR (prod. by J. Cole)

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