Dexter Isaac shook the hip-hop world yesterday with his confession to shooting Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios in 1994. According to, New York City police have begun an investigation to seek if the post is legitimate, and if so, will interview the incarcerated confessor.

Media mogul Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond originally branded him a government informant, prompting Isaac to break his silence. “Now I would like to clear up a few things, because the statute of limitations is over, and no one can be charged, and I’m just plain tired of listening to your lies,” he said, claiming he was paid $2,500 and got to keep jewelry stolen from Shakur during the shooting. 

A lawyer for Rosemond, who is currently on the lam from police, issued a statement declaring Isaacs a “liar.” “It’s a flat out lie,” Jeffrey Lichtman told NYDN. “Dexter Isaac is not claiming this 17 years later to clear his conscience. He’s doing it because he’s told anybody who will listen he doesn’t want to die in prison. He has kids and wants to work off his sentence. He can’t be trusted.”

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