Ever since news broke last week that J. Cole is looking to drop his long-awaited debut this fall, fans have been clamoring to hear more about the Roc Nation signee’s project. Now, in a recent interview with Billboard, Cole hints at what fans can expect to hear on his debut LP.

Cole explains that his as-of-yet untitled release is emotionally centered and “really heavy.” He added that while the project fairly deep, there is a good balance between serious topics and more fun moments.

“[The album is] really heavy – heavy in a good way,” he explained. “At first it hit a point where I was a little nervous; I thought it would be too emotional. But it ended up balancing really well, with fun and humor, and then some aggression, and then the really emotional-type of songs that I’m really good for. I feel like it’s a really complete album.”

Cole also explained that he is considering dropping a mixtape before the album’s release. He says that he recorded a number of songs that didn’t make the album’s cu,t and that he’d like to put some of them to good use.

“If you think of how long I’ve been working on the album, it’s only natural that I’ve collected an amount of songs that are really good,” he explained. “I’m debating [whether to release them in a mixtape]. It might be a mixtape before the album and it might turn into something I release after the album for sale, like an EP. I just know I have a lot of good music and it’s kinda like, man, what do I do with it?”

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