Pharrell Williams recently signed on to join Karmaloop TV as its creative director for the new network. In an interview with Karmaloop, the Neptunes member explained that he decided to join the team because his creative vision aligned with that of the company.

“I believe in what they represent, and what they are trying to do, creating a multiplatform network catering to the tastes of ‘verge culture,’” he said. “I really appreciate how they are trying to both serve and merge cultures — creating a new programming platform that reclaims the 18-to-34 demographic for cable operators, and gives tech and trend-savvy young people a network catered to their interests. It’s also a great business proposition, creating a network for the most underserved audience in cable.” 

Though he wouldn’t go into detail about his projects, he did reveal that he has a puppet show in the works titled Rat, Rang, Rilla. “One thing I’m especially excited about is Rat, Rang, Rilla. It’s an offbeat puppet show for which I am creating the characters that chronicle the music-superstar lifestyle. Think The Muppets with an edge, merged with Entourage.”

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Pharrell also explained that Karmaloop TV isn’t about competition. “It’s not about being better than one network or another. We just want to serve a particular culture that we feel has been underserved,” he said. “There are many messages out there: MTV has a message, BET has a message and we feel that we will have our own unique message. Karmaloop TV can help operators tap a huge and lucrative audience, one that will be key to the future of not only cable, but the advanced services they want to sell in to these early adopters.”

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