Big K.R.I.T. recently spoke on the key to his success, attributing his accomplishments to being honest about himself through his music and through prayer. Talking with Montreality, the Meridian, Mississippi native explained that his music is a reflection of the demand for real music. 

“The key to my success right now would definitely be prayer, being honest writing about my real life and things I go through and situations I go through in every day life,” he said. “I think especially now in hip-hop, people definitely want to hear honesty and it’s definitely easier for me to rap about what’s going on in my surroundings and the subject matter and the content and just being aware that people are listening to my music and always trying to say something important.” 

He also spoke on how he blew his first paycheck, buying a Monte Carlo ’86. “The first time I ever really got paid from selling beats, I bought a Monte Carlo ’86, man. It was chrome on some 22’s, and it was dope. It’s actually some pictures out here in it. It got wrecked a little while back and I been trying to get one ever since, so if anyone out there with a Monte Carlo ’86, holla at your boy man.”

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