Devin the Dude recently reflected on his collaboration with Dr. Dre on the 1999 cut “Fuck You” off The Chronic 2001. The Houston, Texas native told Vlad TV about meeting the West Coast veteran for the first time after learning that he was a huge fan of Odd Squad’s early material.

“Dre was like, ‘Oh, that kid that was with the Odd Squad?’ Because he remembered us with the Odd Squad. Dr. Dre and Snoop said they used to listen to our demo tape when we were freshly signed with Rap-A-Lot, ’92, ’93. And it was a couple of songs in particular they used to listen to all the time,” he said. “A song called ‘Pussy Like Dope’ and other songs they used to bring up and quote. We was like, ‘What?’ We was blown away.”

Dre had begun work on The Chronic 2001 and wanted Devin to get on board. “When he started working on The Chronic album, he called Rap-A-Lot and I think Rico answered the phone and got in touch with me and told me, ‘Dr. Dre’s going to call your house because he wants you to do some work.’ He said it all nonchalantly,” he continued. “So the phone rings out the blue, and I don’t think nothing of it. I’m just like, ‘Hello?’ and he’s like, ‘Can I speak to Devin?’ I’m like yeah, this is Devin.’ He’s like, ‘Do what the fuck you wanna do!’ And I’m like, ‘Dre, kick in the bass!’”

The California native asked Devin to come out to record the track. “He said he wanted me to come out there, I was like, when? It was just wild. After I hung up the phone, I prayed. I did all kinds of stuff. I just felt so good about being appreciated by somebody that pretty much everyone appreciated.”

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