Mr. Peter Parker recently caught up with budding emcee and DXnext alum Mac Miller following his set at this year’s Soundset. Mac discussed how Posdnous of De La Soul co-signed the Pittsburgh emcee during their set at the event, saying that he was shocked to hear a group of De La’s magnitude support his movement. He also said that even if his music doesn’t blow up the way he hopes it does, he’s still proud to receive accolades from his Hip Hop forefathers.

“I was standing there watching the whole thing, and I didn’t expect it at all,” said Miller. “I heard my name, and I was kind of like…that’s what I’m saying, man: no matter what happens in my career, no matter if I’m the biggest singer or if I’m done tomorrow, no one can take that away from me. You can’t take away a De La Soul shout-out in their performance. You can’t take away the things I’ve done already, no matter if it’s people I’ve worked with and met, or if it’s just accomplishments I’ve had. We’ve sold out an over 4,000-person…venue, and I looked at that [concert poster] of the people [performing] and been like, ‘What?!'”

Mac also addressed his current label situation with the Pittsburgh-based indie imprint Rostrum Records. He said that while he’s never satisfied with staying stagnant in his career choices, he’s not looking to pull a Lebron James on the label that first put Wiz Khalifa and him on the nation’s radar.



“I’m never satisfied with the spot I’m at, but as far as how I’m doing things, it hasn’t slowed down for us yet,” he said. “It’s still building and we’re still growing and getting more fans…so…I like where I’m at as far as the whole record label situation [Rostrum Records], being able to feel like we did this…say I signed with a [major] label, and right after that, they put me on this big tour, they get me a bus and did this and that…that would be awesome. But what’s more awesome is in the fall, I’m getting a bus for the first time, and I’ve been touring 100 shows without a bus. Now, I get to feel like we accomplished that…we could’ve taken short-cuts, but we didn’t want to and we still don’t…you can’t really tell me shit…we built this from nothing.”

Watch the full interview with Mac Miller below.