Trina has released five studio albums since debuting in the late ‘90s, and she’s confident about her accomplishments. The Diamond Princess recently addressed XXL’s bestowment upon her of “most consistent female emcee,” agreeing with their assessment of her career. 

“Absolutely, I think definitely I hold that title,” she told Vlad TV. “I think I’ve been the most consistent female of all time. We have a lot of recurring females as well as a lot of new females, but as far as consistent, I definitely think I hold that title.”

As an artist who’s managed to stay afloat in a shifting industry, Trina explains that it’s not always easy being a female in a male-dominated industry.

“It is what it is. I think as a female, I think you have to work extremely hard, you gotta do whatever it is that you do, you gotta stayed focused and you gotta know what it is you want to do and strive for the best,” she continued. “It’s so many guys, there’s such a little bit of females. And I think that when you get that small little crack, you gotta mash on the brakes and just gotta take off.”

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