First he went on a pre album tour to get back in touch with his fans, then he dropped a new album and now he’s back on the big screen! For all those who haven’t seen LL Cool J in the new movie “Deliver Us From Eva”, I must recommend you go see it.

In this movie LL maintains one of the two leading roles in the movie as his character stars as a player who is recruited to take a mean spirited woman busybody ways away from her sister’s lives. LL told the BBC, “It’s a nice way to be introduced to the world as a leading man. This is a great opportunity for me. It’s a movie that’s not too big, but not too small. It’s not so big that it creates a lot of pressure – the opening weekend has to be a certain thing. But at the same time it’s not so small that it’s totally under the radar like a small, small, small indie film. It’s right in the middle. So it feels good.”

“As far as me being a romantic lead? You know, I go after roles that I respond to. I go after material that I respond to. I don’t really have a set plan. It’s not like you hear people say ‘I want to do drama. I want to do this’… I just want to do what I respond to. You know what I’m sayin’?” LL Cool J’s next role will be in a film titled “SWAT”.