With his days as a free man dwindling, Ja Rule’s kicked his promotion schedule for his seventh and eighth albums The Renaissance Project and Pain is Love 2 into high gear. The former Murder Inc. star recently caught up with the.LIFE Files TV to discuss his long-awaited return to rap.

During the interview, Ja weighed in on Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim’s extended feud. No stranger to high profile beefs himself, Ja said that he thinks rappers are far more susceptible to feuding with each other because of the competitive nature of rap music. Ultimately, he believes that the two artists can work it out in the end. 

“I think it’s terrible, man,” he said. “I like Nicki, I know Kim. It’s fucked up that artists in Hip Hop go through that shit, because artists in pop and R&B and other genres..don’t go through that shit…[Kenny Chesney vs. Garth Brooks,] you don’t get that shit. You don’t have to disrespect another artist’s creativity…to better yourself or get ahead as an artist. I think Nicki and Kim, they can resolve that.”

Speaking of beef, Ja also spoke on his failed super-group Murder Inc. with Jay-Z and former foe DMX. He said that the group ultimately never really took off because some of the members’ egos.

“We tried to put [the Murder Inc. group] together, but it didn’t pan out,” he said. “I think egos got in the way of that whole situation. But you’ve got to understand that that’s Hip Hop, too. Niggas are competitive. I think [DMX] and Jay[-Z] were so competitive [that]…real talk, we couldn’t even get [them] in the same room because of their competitive natures and what they had been through before that [with]…the legendary battle that they had on the pool tables up in Uptown with the guns out.” 

The full interview can be seen below.

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