Newcomer Kendrick Lamar sat down with San Jose State’s College Radio during his shows in Oakland, California to share some insight on his relatively brief experience in the music industry. Although the 2011 XXL Freshman represents the youthfulness of the New West, he projects a wisdom reserved for a music veteran. Lamar cites Tupac Shakur as his greatest influence, is co-signed by Dr. Dre, and was mentored by the late Nate Dogg. In fact, Lamar says he learned one of the most important aspects of music marketing from Nate.

“I think making [a song] melodic. That’s something another legend told me: Nate Dogg. You could say a whole lot or you could say just a little bit, as long as it has a melodic melody to it, that’s how you make it marketable.”

While the young emcee has learned from those who came before him, he’s also picked up some knowlege on his own since he entered the music in the industry. He assured that high expectations do not scare him because he’s learned to have faith in the fundamentals of his music.



“I always felt like my music was strong enough to carry me to the top. I was once caught up in the politics of the industry. That’s what hurts people from succeeding. You worry about the music and just the music by itself, you should have no problems.”

Kendrick Lamar is expected to drop a mixtape with J. Cole this year.

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