Cuban Link spent a good portion of his career as a member of Terror Squad with Fat Joe and Big Pun. No longer affiliated with TS, the Cuban performer recently recalled a heated situation between Jay-Z and Pun, explaining that tensions arose after Hov failed to perform at an event commissioned by their associates. 

“Actually, the Roc-A-Fella shit, it was a little brawl. It was some business negotiations that went sour,” he told ThisIs50 Radio. “Jay-Z was supposed to perform for 15 G’s or something like that, and it was like some street niggas that we knew that hired him. He didn’t go and perform. He just showed up.” 

The two camps met at a label to settle the discrepancy, but Hov brought along some children to make sure that no shots rang out. “All I remember was Jay-Z doing the Matrix in the room by the couch, and Pun chasing him,” he said. “Joe talking shit. The pressure was definitely put on. I love Jay.”

He also reflected on recent beef with TS associate DJ Khaled in Miami. While promoting his album, the former Fat Joe associate ran into the radio titan and producer Dre of Cool & Dre, asking Khaled to give his new music some love on the local station.

“I’m over here chilling, I see Khaled coming out with Dre, with the tall dude. Cool & Dre. They both pass me and they say ‘What’s up Cube?’ and I go ‘What’s up dude? What’s going on?’ I ain’t really know, I didn’t put a face together at the time. But I see him with a TS chain, and I say ‘What’s up homie?’ and he said, ‘Yo, my nigga, be careful what you say sometimes.’ Dre said that.”

Link claims he chased Khaled around his car and lost his temper after Khaled wouldn’t give him a look. “In my rearview, I see Khaled trying to sneak into the van and pack up. I told my man that I was with at the time, I said go check this nigga. I said, ‘My album’s coming out, I need you to play my shit. I need that Miami look.’ ‘I can’t my nigga! I can’t because the Don won’t let me,’” he continued. “I said ‘The Don?’ That’s when I crushed up my teeth and said, ‘Shut the fuck up you little pussy ass nigga. The fuck you talkin’ about, the Don?’”