Among the many stories included in Prodigy’s autobiography, My Infamous Life, is an account of a scuffle between N.O.R.E. and one-time Mobb Deep affiliate Ty Nitty. One major point of contention in the book has been P’s account of a confrontation between Mobb Deep, Infamous Mobb and Capone-N-Noreaga.

According to Prodigy, there was already some unsettled beef between Mobb Deep and CNN. This situation only worsened when fellow Queensbridge native Tragedy Khadafi allegedly had sex with one of Havoc’s girlfriends. The book goes on to state that the two crews were booked at the same Queens venue, and things later came to a head. CNN member N.O.R.E. was allegedly jumped. As the following excerpt recounts, N.O.R.E. Prodigy says Nitty was shot during a retaliatory attack by CNN.

“N.O.R.E.’s people started unloading their gun on us. As their bullets started to explode, Gambino got frustrated with my broken gun and threw it at them. Ha! ‘Shoot him!’ N.O.R.E. pointed at Nitty, who was in between my truck and Havoc’s truck. ‘Right there!’ Whoever had the gun shot Nitty in his back as he was trying to jump into my back seat. Plus the shooter dumped the entire forty-two-shot clip at us and not one of the shots hit our two trucks. I was shocked. The only target they hit was the person they were after.”

Nitty, who now no longer has ties with Mobb Deep, was interviewed by Vinny Thunn and was visibly offended by P’s account of the story.

“My thing to you is this, Prodigy…this is a real situation my nigga,” Nitty explained. “Me and N.O.R.E. really had something in the streets for real. Everybody knows that wasn’t even me and son’s shit though. For you to go on the radio and say you and N.O.R.E. spoke. Y’all put aside y’all differences? Where do I stand at? I still have that slug in me.”

Nitty also took exception to Prodigy’s account, and he called the Mobb Deep emcee out for not talking to him first and glorifying the violent incident.