David Banner recently sat down with Complex to talk about his involvement on one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Tha Carter IV.

“Me and Wayne were in the studio together twice. Once in Miami and once in LA,” he said. “Where I am with artists now, it’s more about the relationship. Before we even do a record I want to talk to you…With artists being so disposable, I want to sit down like, ‘Man how you doing?’ Wayne just got out of jail. Let me talk to you and see how you doing as a man.”

Banner offered Weezy 12 beats, although he’s not sure how many will be used. However, Banner said it didn’t matter how much of his work makes it onto the album, as long as he is appreciated for it. “[Wayne] told me, ‘David, if you’ve got what it takes, you’re going to always be a part of Tha Carter shit.’ I respect that because there’s a lot of people who I was a part of their careers and it just didn’t happen no more, but I’m not saying names. With Wayne, it’s not like you got a definite spot, but you definitely can come and fight for your spot and that’s all I ever ask for.”

Tha Carter IV is scheduled to drop on June 21.

In other news, during an interview with Fader, Yelawolf spoke on the Notorious B.I.G.’s death, and how fans sometimes forget the scope of the loss of an artist.

“It’s real when we lose an artist. But someone lost a child, someone lost a cousin, someone lost a brother, someone lost a best friend…We can’t just respect his music, we [also] have to respect his family and make sure that they’re taken care of. He wasn’t just a rapper, he was Christopher Wallace. He was somebody’s baby.”

He also revealed the surprising detail that his brother used to be Biggie’s main barber.

Lastly, the voice for Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright, will join the Hip Hop Chess Federation’s Spring Classic Line Up. Tajai from Hieroglyphics will also attend the all-day Chess tournament which will include an educational seminar as well as a celebrity panel and breakdancing lessons.

The event takes place on Saturday, May 14.