Jim Jones recently hooked up with mashup master Girl Talk for his latest single “Believe in Magic ” which also features singer Lloyd. The beat selection is quite a departure from the Dipset rapper’s usual kind of music. Jones and Girl Talk spoke with Pitchfork about how they linked up and the differences in their music.

“My music is usually a bit more aggressive,” said Jones, who recently released his album Capo. “I usually talk about the hustle and struggle for the most part…[This song] is not exactly my lane but the tempo we had, I could still do the same type of music that I would do if I was picking a beat that I would [normally] pick. But it’s a good beat. It’s always good to do different music.”

Although sampling has been the staple of Hip Hop music since its beginnings, producer Girl Talk said his sampling is not quite the same. “I try to cut it up and be technical about it. I’ve never really associated with traditional deejay culture. I’ve just always kind of done my own thing and really tried to make transformative music out of samples. Kind of have that signature sound while using other peoples’ music.”

Jones also explained what appeals to him in a beat.

“There [has to be] something about a beat that grabs me. Most of the times, the tempo. Peculiar sounds–it’s always good to have a good sound on the beat. Most of the sounds I hear I tell them, “Load it up.” There’s no special process or anything like that.”