Wiz Khalifa is yet to collaborate with Cam’Ron, but he’s got respect for the hip-hop veteran. The Taylor Gang leader recently praised Killa Cam for his sense of humor and unique flow, lauding his rhyme talents.

“I like Cam’Ron because he always did him. He had his own flow, he still has his own flow. He’s got his own humor to what he’s saying,” he told MTV’s Sucker Free. “He’s not rapping or saying whatever everybody else is saying. It’s him and it’s tailored to him. I just like his swag, he’s real funny, he’s disrespectful as hell. You know, it’s tight. It’s good to listen to some Cam.”

Though he hasn’t put in time in the booth with the Dipset member, he confirms they’ll be collaborating. “I haven’t worked with Cam yet, but I met him in New York when I was on my promo tour, so we gon’ get some work in for sure,” he explained.

While Wiz has dabbled in ad-libbing on his own records, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper also ranked the best ad-libbers of all-time, naming Too $hort, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and himself as some of the premier improvisers in the booth.

“The ad-lib kings… Too $hort. King of the ad-libs,” he said. “Jeezy, right up there. Rick Ross, really good with ad-libs.” 

Not one to mince words, Wiz bigged up himself for his off-the-cuff abilities. “I’ll just throw myself right in there, I’m in there somewhere. My ad-libs are everything. If you hear me laugh or say something that’s not a rap, it’s absolutely something that happened at that time,” he said. “So I just learned how to keep it in there and make it a part of my style. I used to double and do stuff like on different tracks, like if you listen to my old music, you hear more layers of me. I kind of took that away and kept it raw.”