Brooklyn, New York-based Da Beatminerz is a production crew lead by DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt. The duo, along with a few associates, is responsible for some of the more iconic beats of the ’90s, including work for Dee’s group Black Moon, Smif-N-Wessun, Black Star, De La Soul, Eminem, M.O.P., and O.C., among many others, as well as releasing several of their own albums. Without a doubt, Da Beatminerz work has influenced tons of producers and rappers who have appeared since their debut.

One such crew has decided to not just follow in the duo’s footsteps creatively, but also going so far as to christen themselves Da “New” Beatminerz. The new crew is made up of twelve producers and deejays: Goldfinger, GetLive, Esquire, Wayne Ski, Erika B, Flash, Flamboyant, Skinny, Law, Crazy DJ Bazarro, LV, and King Cokni. The collective is based out of New York City.

Da “New” Beatminerz are currently featured on Beatminerz Radio, the online radio station developed by the original Beatminerz. Their goal, they say, is “to bring the very best in music to the masses.”