50 Cent has proven himself to be a businessman lacking the gene of fear. While being experimental has sometimes backfired on him when it comes to his music, his business ventures thrive from risky moves. On Tuesday 50 announced that he is ready to start a comedy tour that will be linked to his Thisis50.com website. The “This is 50 Comedy Show” will feature the site’s regular comedian Jack Thriller.

The tour will include the launching of 50’s newest website, Thisis50Comedy.com, which will officially be available to the public on April 28. The site’s debut will feature the first comedy show (filmed in front of a live audience in the Times Square Arts Center in New York), which viewers will be asked to pay $2.99 to watch online. Some of the proceeds will go to victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

“This tour represents a new era in comedy,” 50 said in a statement. “I’ve put together the funniest, most ignorant comedians you ever seen and we will travel the earth bringing laughter, joy, love, and pain, sunshine, and rain. So brace yourselves because we are coming to a city near you.”

The ‘This Is 50 Comedy Show’ will begin to air online on the last Thursday of each month.