Warren G and Nate Dogg are inexorably connected in Hip Hop lore forever, as the two recorded the seminal 1994 track “Regulate.”

Now, with the passing of Nate Dogg, Warren G intends to memorialize his fallen friend with “This Is Dedicated To You.”

“Regulatin’ the era, standing side by side and we down for whatever / that’s the days of the past now I’m looking at the future like fuck, I don’t even wanna do music!” rhymes Warren on the track.

The song, which is to be released digitally soon, is not an entirely friendly affair, as the G-Child takes imitators of Nate’s style to task. “What the hell is going on? Niggas been biting songs, hell nah that ain’t Nate Dogg!”

As previously reported, Nate Dogg passed away as the result of complications from various strokes he suffered in years past.

(April 17)

UPDATE: Empire Distribution has posted a 30-second snippet of the “This Is Dedicated To You” song, which features former Doggystyle Records recording artist LaToiya Williams here. The full song is said to release on April 26.

(April 20)

UPDATE #2: Warren G premiered “This Is Dedicated To You” last Friday during Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the syndicated Los Angeles-based morning radio show. There, Warren revealed that the song, which is available for retail tomorrow (April 26), will see its proceeds go directly to Nate Dogg’s mother and the Nate Dogg Foundation, which was created by Snoop Dogg and others.