Diddy’s Dirty Money tour in support of his Last Train to Paris album is scheduled to kick off next week in Minneapolis. But every the showman and promoter Diddy has just released a brand new contest looking to both drive ticket sales and reward loyal fans.

He’s calling it an Upgrade and the lucky winners will get a chance to not only win some prizes but also score some face time with the man himself. Diddy explains it like this, “I’m looking for a true fan. I don’t even like calling it a fan, a family member, you know. You coming to see me and the crew get busy in your town. And you want to get upgraded. That means you want to become a part of the Dirty Money Crew. That means you want to meet me. You want me to autograph that Last Train To Paris, No Way Out, Life After Death, any of the albums I that I’ve done. You want a Dirty Money Jacket…Last Train To Paris flipcam. And a lot more.”

To become eligible you need to first purchase a ticket for a show on the Dirty Money tour. After that, you’ll need to upload proof of purchase to either Twitter or YouTube. Once you have done all that you will be officially entered to win the upgrade. If any of this seems confusing, head over to Diddy’s site and watch the video where he lays it all out for you.