This past Satruday March 26, recently released emcee Shyne was slated to perform at the MMC concert hall in his home country of Belieze. For much of the week before the show, Shyne and the concert promoters had been touting a number of special guest appearances, with a number of sources even indicating that Busta Rhymes, Wyclef Jean or even Jay-Z would join the Def Jam emcee on stage.

According to a Belize news station, however, Shyne failed to deliver his promise at last week’s event. 7 News Belize has reported that Shyne and promotor Isodoro “DJ Richie” Alvarez learned just six hours before none of the rumored guest artists would be attending the performance. Now, both Shyne and Galvez are blaming each other for the concert performance bust.

“Well I mean outright you are going to blame the promoter right, but then in this situation it’s not just me in this show,” said Alvarez. “My part of the show as you can see here are here…my responsibilities were done. I got everything together, the ground work set – I am not pointing fingers and blaming Shyne but it’s just that his part never came through. I even paid 5 first class tickets to Barrington Levy, his management and everybody reach, but he didn’t reach because of the situation in Miami with explosion of the gas tank at the airport. But all we want is something from Shyne to clear out my name because now people are pointing direct to me.”

Representatives for Shyne responded to Alvarez’s accusations, saying, “Throughout the entire process DJ Ritchie conducted himself in a highly unprofessional manner…he failed to meet payment deadlines crucial to the timely purchase of the airfare for Shyne. Shyne performed despite not being duly compensated as per his contract agreement with DJ Ritchie.”

DX will keep you updated as more informaiton comes to light.