CyHi Da Prince is serious about getting his debut album on the shelves, even if it means resorting to text messages to higher powers. The Stone Mountain native spoke to MTV about his plans for 2011.

“At the end of April, I want to put out Royal Flush 2 and I wanna release The Allies when school is coming back in,” CyHi said. “Those two projects, I want them to be my last mixtapes that I put out before my album. I’m speaking my album into existence this year. God says, ‘If you ask, you shall receive,’ so I’m asking, and hopefully I’ll receive it sometime soon. I’m sending a pigeon or something, even a text message.”

The G.O.O.D. Music artist is calling his debut The Hard Way Musical, and it is coming along. “My album is a lot of storytelling. It’s heartfelt, but at the same time it’s hip-hop to the T,” he said of the songs he’s recorded. “Royal Flush is more so the different parts of me, but my album is gonna be more the story of me.”