Last month Eminem appeared in what is considered one of this Superbowl’s most inspirational advertisements. The Chrysler commercial aimed to distinguish the Motor City from others, and to place the everyday Detroit citizen into the forefront of a national discussion, specifically highlighting the city’s automotive workers. While the Chrysler commercial and Em’s equally-popular Lipton ad represent the rapper’s first venture into product promotion, the former spot is still receiving an unprecedented amount of attention. On Tuesday, the Detroit City Council honored Chrysler, which is headquartered in Detroit, saying that the ad has helped to lift the city’s image.

“It is our duty as council to acknowledge those who make it a priority to uplift Detroit,” said Councilman Andre Spivey. “Chrysler has helped to paint a positive portrayal of our beloved city on a national level by filming the entire commercial inside the city of Detroit and showcasing all of our great landmarks.”

Eminem’s appearance in the spot is helping to bring attention to a struggling city that has been forced to shut down half of its public schools. The mayor has recently taken to the Internet to ask citizens for their input on how to revive the city (even having to deflect suggestions of erecting a RoboCop statue based on the science fiction film of the same name).

“Eminem has a big heart and so much love for the city,” finished another council member, Oliver Francois.