It has been a long time since the Wu-Tang Clan took umbrage with 50 Cent’s breakout single “How To Rob.” It was 1999 when the Queens emcee joked “I’d rob ODB but that’d be a waste of time/Probably have to clap him run and toss the nine” and “I hit the studios take niggaz jewels and leave/Catch Rae Ghost and RZA for them funny ass rings.”

A year later on Supreme Clientele Ghost responded on “Ghost Deini” with “Hot night, Jamaica/Came thru in a booger green ’68 Pacer/Had mad paper, high as a fuck/Truck, 2 rappers got stuck that night I ain’t sayin no names/they know who, thank you for the change.” Rae, in an altered voice, also had some words for Fif on the Clyde Smith skit. That wasn’t all the Clan had to say though. In 2008, seemingly out of nowhere, GZA fired shots at 50. First yelling at a show, “I dont give a fuck about 50 Cent. Who gives a fuck about him? You got a a lot of money nigga, you don’t got talent. I don’t give a fuck if I talk about a nigga, I don’t give a fuck. You got a lot of fucking recording sales, you got a lot of money, you don’t got talent motherfucker.” Then releasing “Paper Plate,” a song which 50 never responded to.

All water under the bridge though, in a recent interview with Rae expressed his desire to work with 50 Cent. “Right now I need my nigga 50 on something,” Rae said addressing the camera.”So Fif, you’re my heart so let’s roll and make a classic for these niggas.”

You can watch the full video below where Rae talks about his beginnings, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, Justin Bieber and future projects.