Big K.R.I.T. released one of 2010’s most critically acclaimed mixtapes in K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. The tape spawned a chopped and screwed version and a live version with the band Grillade. All of the increased notoriety also earned K.R.I.T. a deal with Def Jam. But in a recent interview with GoodFella Radio, K.R.I.T. revealed how his production skills were initially honed using an unpopular, $50 Playstation game and some lo-fi equipment.

“Yeah, it was ‘MTV Music Generator,’” K.R.I.T. explained. “It was this shit on Playstation where you could line up blocks and try to put them in key. If you can make a beat on that shit you can make a beat on anything.” 

While games such as “DJ Hero, “Parappa the Rapper” and “Def Jam Rapstar” have all tried to mix gaming and Hip Hop with varying degrees of success, “MTV Music Generator” was a simplified sequencer with a video game interface. K.R.I.T. explained how he essentially made his own three-track recording studio by using audio from a television connected to his Playstation, a dual cassette deck and a karaoke machine.

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“My pops had one of those cassette recorder things,” K.R.I.T. added. “I’d record that shit in on the tape, then I’d take the tape and put it on my karaoke machine. Then I would record it in the mic on to another tape with the beat playing.”